The study of process automation is possible when studying many disciplines. Starting from agriculture and to large oil-producing industries. But in any case, this topic is very complex and requires the study of a large number of educational and additional literature. For this modern students do not always have enough time. Therefore, to facilitate the learning process and focus on more significant and complex issues, many students use the services of assistants. On our website You can find yourself such assistants for the entire period of study.

How is the work organized on our website

Before proceeding to the search for an artist, each customer fills out a special form, with the obligatory indication of the topic, discipline, deadlines, and additional comments. Further, a fully automated mailing system sends your application to the performers corresponding to your request. If the contractor is satisfied with everything, and he can now begin to perform your work, he sends his consent to work. In the return letter, each performer indicates the desired payment for their work. In this case, each performer is guided by the average figures, can independently set the cost. Therefore, the cost may vary from different artists.

What to do after registration?

After registration of the application you will receive messages from the performers with an indication of the cost of their services. For your convenience, each performer on our site has a rating among other participants, he is constantly changing, with the successful implementation of the work he rises and vice versa. Also, each participant can see the number of completed works. And most importantly, you can read reviews about the artist. The choice of the artist can also be influenced by the cost of services. You can choose an artist with a minimum declared value. But it should be said that in general prices for the execution of works on our site are 2-3 times lower than other resources. Also, before choosing an artist, you should discuss all the important points in preparing your work, whether there are any specific moments or wishes. If you need to use any special techniques or recommendations for registration – it is also necessary to negotiate in advance.

What to do when chose a performer?

After selecting the artist you need to transfer the entire amount to pay for services. But these funds are frozen on the account of the contractor and until you confirm that you have received the necessary coursework on automating the process, the contractor will not receive these funds.

Safety guarantee.

If you receive a term paper that does not meet your thematic assignment and your requirements, you are entitled to return the money spent in full. To do this you will need to contact your administrator. But in all the years of our practice, cases of poor-quality work preparation have been isolated, because our performers are professionals and rarely make mistakes.