This Is What You Should Look for In an Online CV Editor

Online CV editors and builders should be interactive. But in today's world, you will find that most of these online editors are too complicated to understand and handle. What should you be looking for in an online CV editor? In this article, we will delve deeper into what makes a good CV editor, and some of the reflags you should be watching out for.

What Makes a Good Online CV Editor?

There are some specific details you should be focusing on when choosing your online CV editor. It would be best if you chose a software or a website that allows you to key in or plug in your data and build a CV that has a cohesive structure. In addition;

  • The CV editor that you choose should have the sharing and downloading options. You do not want to build a CV, and then, later on, find that you cannot share it, leave alone downloading it.
  • The CV editor that you choose should allow you to manage multiple resumes. When it comes to job application, customization is crucial. It would be best if you chose an online CV editor that allows you to customize your CVs as well as allow you to create multiple CVs.
  • The ability to track the progress and measure results. Some CV builders you will find online have the ability to notify you when the employer downloads the CV. Find a resume where you can quickly get the analytics and the status of your CV.
  • Privacy and control. With the rise of cybercrimes, you should go for a CV editor that will not share your information with anyone, unless you have explicitly permitted it.

The Red-flags To Watch Out For

Online CV editors are great, but with the rise of the internet, online opportunists have stepped in to ruin the good work these online CV editors are doing. Here are some of the red flags that you should watch out for when working with online CV editors;

  1. Pricing: some CV editors will ask you to pay even before you get the service. We believe that a good CV editor is the one that allows you to create your CV to your liking, and when you are satisfied with the result, you can then pay for it. It should be a scenario where you are paying before getting the service.
  2. Free templates: is the website offering free templates for you to work with? If not, do not bother with the website. A good online CV editor will provide you with at least one free template you can experiment with before buying one.
  3. Grammar checks: remember, grammar is a crucial component of your CV, and most employers will check this. If the online editor doesn't offer grammar check, it is probably not the best CV editor for you.


While the online CV editors are great, sometimes it is best to check whether you are getting the website's full benefits. If you notice some that are not right, you need to choose your service from another provider. However, there are great online editors, and with a guide, you will find the best among them all.