A Simple Cheat Sheet To Help you Rewrite Your CV Like An Expert

In today’s world, the recruitment process has become so much flexible. It has been streamlined so much with the online processes, whereby you will find that the employer is receiving almost over 400 CVs for a single job listing. Furthermore, most of these CVs are professionally written, which makes the job environment very competitive and make orderessay. Given all these facts, a simple rewrite of your CV would go a long way to helping you get shortlisted for a job.

Are You Ready for Your Next Job?

Between you and your next job, what is standing in line is your CV. A professionally written CV will get you hired faster, and in this article, we will help you discover what CV impresses your employer and how to get there. However, there are some things that your CV should never lack; this is a simple cheat sheet that you can use to checklist items on your CV;

  • What is your overall job objective and expectation? You need to understand that rewriting your CV without fully understanding your overall goal or purpose is a waste of your precious time. Without fully realizing your expectations or goals, you won’t know what to put on a high point and leave out.
  • Add your social media links. When writing your CV, you may have missed including your social links. Remember, humans, are social beings. Therefore, to impress your employers, add a link or two, especially your LinkedIn accounts.
  • Remove skills and experiences that are outdated. If there skills that you added years ago and they no longer make any sense, remove them. This will ensure that your CV is clean. Additionally, in this section, make sure to remove any hardy skills that are no longer required or apparent; these include; ‘Microsoft suite’ or ‘internet adeptness.’
  • Trendy skills. This might be a recent addition, but if there are trendy skills, you are well capable, add them. After you have eliminated the old and outdated skills, add some fresh ones to tell you from the candidates. Some of the skills you may think about include; social media, web design and development, data analysis, communication, and such.

Fix Your Summary

The summary section of the CV is one of the most critical areas. Some of the things people add to this section will kill the CV and your chances of getting hired. Some of the guideline you might want to consider when you rewrite the CV includes;

  1. The name of the job posting and position you are applying.
  2. It has to be short, probably 3-5 sentences in length.
  3. Be as specific as possible. Highlight relevant skills and experience and your key accomplishments.


A rewrite of the CV should be simple and very straight forward because you are just removing or adding some elements of the CV. By following these simple and straightforward forward guidelines, you will be able to catch your next employer’s attention.